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Your games - your property?

Peter Dogger is the Founder and editor-in-chief of Here is his take on the issue of copyrighting chess games:

"Every now and then the discussion flares up again. Can copyright be applied to a chess game? Is the game score a specific property of the players, or perhaps of the tournament, and can they prevent others from publishing them? The discussion is topical again because of the little gadget of the company Monroi which is being used more and more at chess tournaments (like Gibraltar, the US Championship and the current European Championships). Players 'write down' their moves digitally and the games are broadcast live on the internet automatically ... What do you think? Is a chess game something you own, and should you be able to forbid it from being published?"
(Full article here)

The comments in the above article lead us to Evgeny Sveshnikov's belief that professional chessplayers should think about who benefits from the moves they make. "Known as one of the most outspoken and controversial Grandmasters on the circuit, Sveshnikov has in recent years been linked with player revolts over the handing in of gamescores" (Wiki)

"It is of course accepted practice that players submit copies of their gamescores to tournament organisers and these games later appear on the internet, in books, magazines and in database programs. Whilst the benefits to the development and popularisation of chess are obvious, Sveshnikov insists that it is not in the best interests of chess professionals to allow this to continue."

After you have seen the articles, you may wish to try to find the winning combination in the diagram below. It's from one of Evgeni's games against Ruslan Shcherbakov in 1991. The full game can be seen at

He has just played 23. Qe5. How do you deal with 23... Nd7 which attacks your queen? You can see the solution if you hover your mouse over the toad below.

24. Qg7+ Kxg7 25. Nf5++ Kg8 26. Nh6#
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