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Artist Uncorked
Vines & Rushes Winery

So what else do our members get up to when they are not playing chess? Our Tournament Director, Rick Bowman has many hobbies, usually involving making things. Making wine and stained glass (see pic below) are at the top of his list.

He does a lot of woodworking including having made a number of cedar strip canoes (you can see an example on the 'Photos' page).

He is the featured artist for the month of November at Vines & Rushes Winery - read about his success here.

One of Rick Bowman's pieces on display at the Vines & Rushes Winery

My quest for chess mastery
Stephen Moss

Stephen talks about his desire to become a better person through improving his chess. We hear about an English grandmaster Danny Gormally who lost from a rook up. At the end of the game he completely lost his rag and started screaming in frustration and generally making a spectacle of himself! The complete article is here on the Guardian site.

The Secret Of Chess
GM Maurice Ashley

We are always told that making a plan is a good idea. But deciding on a plan is not always easy. Here is a way to use your opponent's last move to help you to find one.

Personally, I found this this YouTube video changed my outlook on the game a great deal.

"Trick of The Mind"
Richard Sugden

Derren Brown, a British magician played 9 simultaneous games against strong players, including GMs, and won the majority of the games with no external help whatsoever. This post also contains an exciting game between GM Vladimir Kramnik and GM Magnus Carlsen.

QUIZ - What's Your Chess Personality?
D. Pruess & D. Rensch have made their quiz available here. "It allows you to find out which chess style and which great player suits you the best. All you need is a few minutes to answer 20 easy chess questions.The quiz is based on top-level chess analytics, making it both fun and accurate.".

Hula Hoop Chess
Richard Sugden

Jennifer Shahade is a Philadelphia based writer and gamesplayer. In the "Hulachess" video she is playing the moves of a famous game in which one of the players was Marcel Duchamp - all the while she is hula-hooping!"

Watch the video and follow the moves of the game on an interactive board here.

Your games - your property?
Peter Dogger

"Every now and then the discussion flares up again. Can copyright be applied to a chess game? Is the game score a specific property of the players, or perhaps of the tournament, and can they prevent others from publishing them? What do you think? Is a chess game something you own, and should you be able to forbid it from being published?"

(Read more and also try to find the winning combination from Sveshnikov v Shcherbakov in 1991)

TLC Trio

The human chess game seen in the video was modelled after a famous chess game played by Garry Kasparov and Veselin Topalov in 1999. It has come to be known as Kasparov's Immortal.

The Love for Wood
El Kitch

This is a gem of a video on YouTube which is about well known Dutch chessplayers in 1979 (Posts page). "It features Jan Timman, Hans Ree, Piet Hein Donner, Max Euwe and others. It's a beautiful record of those days from long ago - and the state of chess at that time".