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2017 U.S. Women's Champion (LATE News!)

FM MikeKlein ( - April 9, 2017

Yes, it's LATE news but when Linda told me about the way this title was won, I couldn't resist shoe-horning it into the site. First of all, can you spot the mate in 9 that she won the title with? White (Virkud) has just played 26. Rg1 so it is Black (Foiser) to play (solution below).

"WGM Sabina Foisor's elegant winning combination continues the legacy of a legend. Sabina's mother IM Cristina Foisor died in January and never got to see her eldest daughter fulfill their mutual ambition.

Less than three months removed from the unexpected loss of her mother, a five-time Romanian Women's Champion, Foisor became 2017 U.S. Women's Champion. Her finishing combination, initiated by a queen sacrifice, was close to a pure puzzle -- every piece was used in the combination." (

She is shown here in a long interview but there is a better one on the site itself. The video on the site picks it up at 2:59:30 - but notice there is also an interview with her at 3:14:15 too.

26. ... ... Qxg1+
27. Kxg1 Re1+
28. Bf1 Rfxf1+
29. Kg2 Rg1+
30. Kf2 Ref1+
31. Ke3 Rf3+
White resigned since 32. Ke2 Rf6 (or Rf5) 33. Ke3 Re1+ 34. Re2 Rxe2#.

Magnus Carlsen To Play FIDE World Cup

PeterDoggers ( - Jul 24, 2017

It's almost unprecedented that a reigning world champion is participating in a cycle for the next world championship, but this year it will happen. Magnus Carlsen will be playing the FIDE World Cup in September in Tbilisi, Georgia. Full coverage at (

Our new tournament has now started!

The tourney begins on 21 March 2017 which is the 'World Poetry Day'. To celebrate the day, participants were asked to submit a poem as an entry condition (see Poems page).

* Welcome to new member, Fuad Chaim Filho *

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2016 World Championship - the final blow

Before you read this article which vividly describes the excitement of the last match in which Magnus Carlsen retained his title - see if you can spot the final blow he delivered to his opponent from the position in the diagram below!

Child Prodigies in the news

1. Sergey Karjakin was the youngest player ever to gain the GM title at 12 years and 7 months.

And now he has earned the right to challenge the defending world champion, Magnus Carlsen of Norway, in the World Chess Championship 2016. The result was decided in the final round when Karjakin defeated runner-up Fabiano Caruana. Full coverage at (

Karjakin only needed a draw in the final round. But he nicely refuted a huge error by Fabiano Caruana to decide the game in his favor, in less than four hours of play, in a game that was worth roughly half a million dollars.

Here's a nice video in which the game is discussed by Kingcrusher on YouTube:
Sergey Karjakin vs Fabiano Caruana

2. Praggnanandhaa is the world’s youngest ever chess IM at 10 years, 10 months and 19 days.

At the Bhubaneswar-held KIIT International Open this week (May 2016), the pre-teen achieved the third and final norm (he received the first two earlier in the year at events in Cannes and Moscow), coupled with his ELO rating of over 2400 to grant him the title of International Master (IM).

It was while watching his four-year-old sister Vaishali practice at home that Praggnanandhaa, who was then two years old, picked up the game. Full coverage at ( Another article at ("India Express")

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Hikaru Nakamura wins $100,000 at the 2015 Las Vegas Millionaire Knockout tourney!

This was a real triumph for Nakamura - if only because it is the biggest monetary prize of his career. The key to it all was the game shown below. His 6. Qb3 is simple but very effective in a rapid game (Nakamura's forté). More