Chess Friends World

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Come and enjoy playing Chess tournaments with a select group of Friends in a little World which has no ads, sign-ups or fees.

Sending the moves by email without time limits (see the About Us page for more details) allows us to keep in touch with each in a relaxed and friendly fashion.

Do have a look around the site to find chess Stories, Photos and, of course, a library of ready to hand Excuses for you to use if you should ever (God forbid!) lose a game!

We have our new 2020 tournament up and running after a bit of a lull (well, a lot of a lull actually). Hopefully it will herald a new start for the world as a whole in terms of saying goodbye to the pandemic - as well as a new start for our own little world of ChessFriendsWorld!

If you are interested in joining us, send me an e-mail to pauldfawcett{at}

Enjoy your chess!

Dave Fawcett. (a.k.a. "Hawk")

Rick Bowman - Tournament Director
RJ Sugden (a.k.a. "toad") - Webmaster

Hawk gave me a fright
with a move full of spite!
Now I'm in check
- he's a real roughneck!

(toad's poem on the subject of Hawk's recent 'spite check')