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We are about playing chess, making friends and playing chess in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. There are no ratings, this is strictly email chess. The club is, and will always remain, a FREE Chess Club!. If our style of chess is for you, we welcome you! If you are interested in joining us, please send me an e-mail to: pauldfawcett{at}outlook.com

I will provide help as needed to the "newbies". If you desire, I will contact members to help you get a game going but feel free to contact any of the members for a game. From time to time, we also organise tournaments which will be handled by our tournament director Rick Bowman.

When starting a game with a member, it's wise to discuss a time frame for your moves. Some players will send a move once or even twice a day, some members may want to take longer due to many factors, work schedules etc. If you're going to be offline for whatever reason, take a minute to notify your opponent! Don't be too quick to get your shorts in a bunch if you don't hear from your opponent for awhile, there are many reasons which might cause a delay.

I would also advise you to get a chess recording program if you are going to play multiple games (see below). Playing chess and talking to people from different areas or countries is a lot of fun! The games you play with other members are YOUR games and your conversations are totally private.

So sit back, relax, play some chess and have fun talking and learning a little about the other members!

Thank you for your interest and do please feel free to offer suggestions!

Dave Fawcett.

Free chess recorder programs for correspondence chess

ChessCat is very easy to install and use - straight out of the box! It allows you to make comments on the moves as well as create possible variations. Highly recommended.

Chessx is a little more fancy, having many options to customise the interface. It allows you to make comments on the moves as well as create possible variations. It has a few quirks, as do they all. Having said that, you have to put your games in a database which, although it can be a little tricky to do, makes it possible to group your games into separate categories eg "Tourney 2020", "Online games" etc.

Tarrasch Chess is similar to Chessx - there isn't a lot of difference between the two but perhaps Chessx has a slight edge. It's all down to personal taste - your choice!